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All of the trustees worked with Tim extensively. He was an inspirational leader, and a great manager. He believed that anybody could be successful if they had the right help. He believed that organisations needed to constantly change to survive and prosper and he believed that the workforce needed to be helped and encouraged to change and develop as well. He also loved sport, and made an enormous contribution to the success of Coachwise and Sports Coach UK.


Tim sadly passed away on 5 April 2010. Tim was a long-serving sports coach UK Board member, who gave his time voluntarily, sharing his expertise and knowledge, providing invaluable strategic direction. He sat on the Finance Sub-committee of the Board and had been a non-executive director of Coachwise Limited for over 13 years.


Tim was a seasoned international manager with over 25 years of senior executive experience in the financial services, retailing and distribution industries. In his working life, Tim was always generous with the time he devoted to his colleagues, sharing his experience and enthusiasm, celebrating and promoting other's strengths, helping to identify and bolster weaknesses.  He had been the Chief Information Officer for the Dairy Farm International Group, a large multi-national retailer based in Hong Kong and operating across 12 countries around Asia-Pacific. Tim was a larger than life figure and a natural leader. He had a gift for drawing people together around shared goals and for recognising what would motivate the teams he built.  During his career, he also served variously as the Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of the largest payment transaction processor to exist in Europe, Managing Director of a financial services business and Director of a number of independent Consultancy groups. His capacity for work was endless, fueled by a genuine desire to improve the way his business worked for its customers and its staff.  He had the rare capability to both articulate a compelling vision for a firm and to translate that vision into a plan of action that his colleagues could understand and execute.


Outside work, Tim enjoyed watching all types of sports, although his enduring favourite was Rugby, which he'd played at a high standard in his youth.  He was an avid and eclectic reader, often sharing his latest discoveries with friends and colleagues.  In later life, when his illness prevented him from travelling, he settled in rural France where he was able to entertain family and friends and develop his skills as a fine cook.

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