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Disability Karate

The Disability Karate Federation are the world leaders in the field of disability martial arts and are rapidly growing. They train coaches to teach disabled people and train disability experts to teach martial arts. 

The Federation are Founder Members of the international governing body for disability martial arts: The Ikkaido Federation. Their board of advisors consist of two Sports Scientists, one of whom is a disability specialist, a Special School Educationalist, the parents of disabled children, the and a disability workshop tutor from Sportscoach UK. 

'We cater to the needs of disabled people. With us, karate Instructors will find assistance and resources for adapting their coaching. We are the experts in England on disability and inclusive coaching in martial arts'

Funded by the Trust, coach Dirk Van De Meuve has been enabled to deliver sessions of martial arts to over 500 people on a weekly basis. This funding has enabled Ikkaido, to train him to create inclusion tools and printed, video and photographic resources on inclusion and inclusive games, especially for wheelchair users.

Dirk has gained vast experience of working with people with fewer opportunities, especially wheelchair users. He has become highly experienced in the development of active lifestyles and learning programmes for young people with physical disabilities and in training carers, youth workers and leaders. Moreover, Dirk has become a European Project Manager gaining vast experience working with people of all ages, and pan-disability, in coaching and personal development, volunteer development and teaching through non-formal and informal methods. He is now a 4th Dan and has become an internationally known role model for disabled people and coaches and is one of only three people qualified and working as a mentor, to inspire newly disabled people to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. Lastly, Dirk was awarded LEAP Coach of the Year and Princess Anne awarded him UK Disability Coach of the Year.

Separately from karate, he has been working hard to educate himself and now is certified in Arts Therapy, Life Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Yoga, Meditation, Mentoring and Self-Development. Dirk is also certified and accredited in Measuring Results from Training Courses.

The Trust is delighted to support Dirk and this amazing club. You can read more about the federation on their website:

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